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We've moved to 112 East Gulf Beach Drive - Come visit us!Sometimes It's Hotter's selling Spicy Cajun Seasonings and Hot Sauces on St. George Island

Welcome to Sometimes It's Hotter! We hope your visit here will encourage you to spice up your life!

Sometimes It's Hotter Seasoning Co. has been providing fine, all natural seasonings for discriminating consumers since 1997. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and use only the finest ingredients. From salsas to rubs to the painfully hot, we provide everything for a spicy feast.

We guarantee that we will always bring you the freshest products and quality at competitive pricing which includes:

  • An all natural product
  • No preservatives or MSG
  • No additives
  • Low sodium (only sea salt used in our manufacturing process) 

Zesty HealthSome Times It's Hotter's selling Spicy Cajun Seasonings and Hot Sauces on St. George Island
Our Chili Pepper Seasonings are all made from Fresh Chili Peppers. We wash, dry and grind all of our Peppers on site. We then add other Fresh dried Spices to complete our Seasoning Processes. We only use Sea Salt in our recipe, which has a stronger “Purer Taste” allowing us to use less Salt. The trace Minerals that are in Sea Salt are the same as those that occur naturally in our bodies, making it a healthier Product.

Our Products are low in Sodium, and are all Free of all Additives, Preservatives, Msg or other fillers of any type. They are truly “ALL NATURAL”.

The Quality and Freshness of our Products make them unique and Award Winning!

ORIGINAL- 7 Pepper blend for a complex blend of Heat and an array of Flavors.
JALAPENO & SWEET ONION- for a Unique Smooth mild mannered Flavor.
HABANERO -Intense Fiery Heat, Tropical Fruit and Berry Flavor.

We have a full line of other ALL NATURAL Seasoning Blends, that include two Blackening’s for Fish, Grilling Seasonings for Beef & Pork, Jerk Seasonings, Poultry Seasonings, Shrimp Seasoning, Cajun/Creole Seasoning, Jambalaya Seasonings and our Newest Seasoning, “Salt Free Herb Seasoning”.

Our Snack Nuts won a Golden Chili, 1st. Place Trophy Award and a Third Place Award at the 2004 Fiery Food Challenge. Our Snack Nuts are Jumbo Size Peanuts and are processed in small batches in our own Florida Certified Kitchen on St George Island. They are packaged in FDA/USDA, approved bags, to guarantee a Flavor able Fresh Quality Snack.

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