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The most frequently asked question about our business is, 'How did you get started in making seasonings?'Sometimes It's Hotter's selling Spicy Cajun Seasonings and Hot Sauces on St. George Island

Well this is my story and I'm sticking to it!

In 1992 we vacationed in the Caribbean Islands. There, we discovered a dried seasoning that we thought was so intriguing it really enlivened our taste buds. We used this seasoning on everything !!!!!

We soon ran out of the seasoning. I read the label and there wasn't a phone number or address to reorder so, I read the ingredients and thought I can do that!

After many, many different ingredient combinations and a few years of continuous study and research on Chile peppers, I developed our first seasoning, “Sometimes It’s Hotter Original.”

We first sold our product at a seafood festival in Apalachicola, Florida, in 1997. We opened our first specialty foods retail store in Oklahoma. I have developed a total of 15 new products. Our latest product is a salt free herb seasoning.

In 2002 we relocated our business to Florida on St. George Island, not far from our very first sale at the seafood festival in 1997.

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Charolette A. Bacher

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